The Vision for Montgomery


Through hundreds of hours of conversation with more than 1,000 residents, the Envision Montgomery 2040 Steering Committee established its vision for the future of Montgomery. The statement reflects the commonly held values of Montgomerians and points toward a common, prosperous, and unified vision of the future. The statement captures the broadest aspirations of Montgomerians and serves as the overall direction for the Comprehensive Plan. It is based on input from those that care about the city and its future. The statement is not meant to be all-inclusive. Goals of the plan provide more detail on the community’s intended outcomes and are further refined in through measurable objectives, and actions.

Montgomery … A proud community with a wealth of opportunities realized through strategic investments, inclusion and trust resulting in greater prosperity and well-being for all.


-Envision Montgomery 2040 Vision Statement

Plan Structure

The plan is organized into six topic areas. These collect major themes that emerged through the technical analysis and public input. Each of the topic areas is supported by a goal and several objectives. These statements organize specific actions (projects, policies or programs) detailed later in the plan.

A goal is a desired outcome expressed in simple terms. These statements were produced using the public input received during the plan’s engagement process. They were affirmed during the Community Summit, a city-wide event, and later adopted formally by the process’ Steering Committee.

Objectives are sub-topics within each of the chapter goals. These statements are strategic and measurable and serve to further organize the plan’s actions based on the priorities from the public.

An action is a program, policy, or project. They are specific and tied to implementation criteria. The actions are organized by objectives, which contain multiple actions. All the actions work in support of the goals and overall vision statement, regardless of their varying scale and scope.

Plan Process

The Comprehensive Plan was developed through an iterative process of discovery, testing and prioritization. To arrive at the final plan and recommendations, the planning team and City Staff engaged in hundreds of hours of discussion with the community and key stakeholders. This process was inclusive and open to anyone who cares about the future of Montgomery.

The Envision Montgomery 2040 Steering Committee was comprised of 46 individuals. This group was intentionally selected to represent the wide range of interests and backgrounds present in Montgomery today. The Steering Committee met 11 times throughout the process to plan and coordinate an engagement campaign, review research materials, and set the direction for major plan elements like the community vision, goals and the plan recommendations.

The Steering Committee was committed to providing meaningful opportunities for the community to get involved in the planning process. To reach this goal, the committee collaborated with the planning team and staff to develop events and messaging that would inspire participation and activities that were exciting, fun and productive. During the Envision Montgomery 2040 process, more than 1,000 residents and stakeholders shared their input in open call meetings, targeted conversations and web-based activities. These were all designed to gather insightful feedback from a variety of community members.

In addition to substantial public input, the Envision Montgomery 2040 Comprehensive Plan is reinforced by strong technical research and analysis. This work began with a review of existing plans and studies, followed by a broad assessment of the community’s conditions and trends. These were compiled in the Community Factbook and included topics related to demographics, economics and place-based issues. A second, more targeted analysis, focused on the potential of the city and its most pressing challenges and opportunities. The plan is directly informed by the realities uncovered through this research and conversations with the public and stakeholders.

We Will Realize Our Vision By…


The following themes (chapters) and corresponding goals are essential to realizing the vision set forth in the Envision Montgomery 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  Click on each theme to learn more.