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The intersection of Southern Boulevard and I-65 is a major gateway into the city and was once a vibrant destination for residents, businesses, and visitors. The corridor has experienced challenges in recent years with maintaining community characteristics and supporting investment opportunities. This action plan seeks to understand current conditions to identify specific projects, policies, and programs that will revitalize the corridor.

What is an action plan?

The action plan is a collection of strategic projects, policies, and programs to revitalize the Southern Boulevard corridor. The plan will leverage development potential, public/private investments, and planning efforts to strengthen opportunities in the area. This action plan leverages an analysis of existing conditions to guide future investments along the corridor. It is intended as a resource for the community, elected officials, and city staff when considering potential investments.

Project Documents

The action plan focuses on revitalizing and enhancing a critical area for Montgomery located at the intersection of I-65 and Southern Boulevard. This action plan is supported by a detailed background memo for the corridor that provides a foundation and assessment for future investments.

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