Progressing toward our Shared Prosperity


The Prosperity chapter of the Montgomery Comprehensive plan contains the findings and recommendations pertaining to economic development. The strength, resilience and vitality of the local economy are critical factors to community and personal prosperity. The city has a diverse jobs base with many large employers, but there are also opportunities to improve and expand its ecosystem of small business and take better advantage of other unique assets like the city’s history. The goal, stated below, is supported by a series of objectives that will be realized in the action agenda, or supporting projects, policies and programs.


An expanding and diverse local economy that increases opportunities for residents by investing in education, leveraging its military partnerships, and pursuing innovative industries that spur investment and small enterprise.


  • Create / support an economic growth engine
  • Better leverage tourism
  • Focus development energy
  • Bring workers home
  • Empower the local labor force

Key Findings


Click the image on the right for a full description of the key findings included in the plan document.  Keep reading below to see the priority actions and a full list of the programs, policies, and projects included in the action agenda.

Priority Actions

SP 1.2 Include “Neighborhood Businesses in the Entrepreneur EcoSystem

Focus on developing entrepreneurs should be not only tech or creative companies but also neighborhood retailers, personal services, contractors, and foodservice businesses.

SP 2.2 Update the Downtown Plan to include perspectives of “experience” and the future management of the downtown-based on the “experience” findings

Because a number of the city’s tourism assets (historic and otherwise) are near or in the downtown, and the downtown itself has become a destination, continued focus on the downtown environment remains critical. The last downtown plan is over a decade old; a new downtown plan should consider the overall experience and management of the downtown through the lenses of businesses, residents, and tourists.

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