Building and Maintaining our Great Places


The Great Places chapter of the Montgomery Comprehensive plan contains the findings and recommendations pertaining to land use, development, community character and parks and recreation. Montgomery has a rich history and a strong sense of place, but there are unique challenges to be addressed within the place set of topics. The goal, stated below, is supported by a series of objectives.


Strong, attractive and vibrant
places reflect the diversity of our
community and reveal a city that
is proud and beautiful.


  • Future growth and investment will be encouraged to occur inside the developed area
  • Outward growth shall occur in areas adjacent to the city’s current development extent
  • Development and redevelopment energy will be focused
  • Complementary land uses will be allowed to mix, especially at key centers or nodes
  • Downtown Montgomery will focus the community’s investment energy and continue its progress and evolution
  • Commercial areas will address increasing vacancies and blight
  • Industrial and military districts will remain attractive to further investment
  • Existing neighborhoods will be strengthened and revitalized
  • Community connections will be enhanced and help create quality places
  • Suburban subdivisions will allow for amenities consistent with strong neighborhoods
  • Parks and recreational amenities will enhance the physical environment and seek to better connect the full community through new trails and investments
  • The natural environment will be protected as a unique and valuable physical asset

Key Findings


Click the image on the right for a full description of the key findings included in the plan document.  Keep reading below to see the priority actions and a full list of the programs, policies, and projects included in the action agenda.

Priority Actions

GP 1.1 Perform a comprehensive zoning code regulation and land development update

The Zoning Code update is a foundational first step, necessary for the implementation of many other recommendations.  The planning team has identified this action as a top priority that may be pursued in a piecemeal or comprehensive process.

GP 1.12 Update the Downtown Master Plan

Updating the Downtown Plan is critical for progress.  Public and private investment will both contribute to the development in this area.

GP 2.3 Evaluate expansion of the Surplus Property Program

This program could offer seed-funding to help stabilize declining neighborhoods and promote strategic redevelopment or infill development.

Chapter Highlights

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