Supporting our People


The People chapter includes the findings and recommendations pertaining to housing, community development, education and public health. The goal, stated below, is supported by a series of objectives that will be realized through the action agenda, or supporting projects, policies and programs.


A stable foundation for human growth, education and development with the neighborhood as the building block of the community.


  • Expand the diversity of the housing stock
  • Enhance community connection, identity and civic engagement
  • Ensure affordable and stable housing
  • Preserve a high quality of life for residents
  • Increase the homeownership rate
  • Secure a stable and safe rental housing market
  • Assist in the transformation of local education
  • Promote a culture of lifelong learning
  • Improve health outcomes for residents

Key Findings


Click the image on the right for a full description of the key findings included in the plan document.  Keep reading below to see the priority actions and a full list of the programs, policies, and projects included in the action agenda.

Chapter Highlights

P 2.1 Strengthen Neighborhood Services influence in neighborhood assistance

Montgomery has developed an asset to the community through the merging of the Building our Neighborhoods for Development and Success (BONDS) group and the Montgomery Clean City Commission (CCC) to create Neighborhood Services.

P 7.1 Support stronger school readiness networks in the CIty

Early education or school readiness plays an important role in the lives of children, especially those that are exposed to economic insecurity.

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