Supporting our Foundation


The Foundation chapter of the Montgomery Comprehensive plan includes the findings and recommendations related to environmental quality, community facilities and infrastructure. The investments that are detailed through the action agenda are critical to maintaining the community’s unique natural environments; expanding access to and services of community facilities; and ensuring the long-term viability of the city’s underlying infrastructure. The goal, stated below, is supported by a series of objectives.


Future-focused investments maintain infrastructure—including the natural environment and resources—and support continued growth, reinvestment, and progress.


  • Preserve the natural environment by ensuring appropriate regulations are put in place
  • Enhance community health through access to nature
  • Support long-term sustainability through logical environmental policy
  • Strengthen and strategically expand community facilities and infrastructure

Key Findings


Click the image on the right for a full description of the key findings included in the plan document.  Keep reading below to see the priority actions and a full list of the programs, policies, and projects included in the action agenda.

Priority Actions

F 1.2 Explore adopting an Urban Farm Ordinance

The city should explore adopting an Urban Farm Ordinance as a mechanism for combating vacant properties and enhancing environmental stewardship.

F 3.4 Support continued refinement of recycling programs

The city has recently entered into a unique agreement with Repower South (RPS) offering recycling services to all of Montgomery. This agreement began in 2018 with RPS handling the collection to their central facility for use in the creation of alternative fuel or general material recycling.

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