Answers to Common Questions

1. What is Envision Montgomery 2040?

In 2018, the City of Montgomery will embark on an ambitious process to develop a new Comprehensive Plan. This process, called Envision Montgomery 2040, will enable the community to help shape the vision and make recommendations through ongoing engagement opportunities. When completed, the new Comprehensive Plan will help guide decision-making in Montgomery for years to come.

2. What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-term guide for the future physical development of a city that considers the input of citizens, businesses and other stakeholders. It includes recommendations for future land use, community design, connectivity, open space and recreation areas, cultural and historical resources, infrastructure, and economic development. It includes a vision, an aspirational statement about the future condition of the City; goals, desired outcomes for each of the plan topics that are expressed simply; objectives to measure progress on a goal, and actions to achieve the goal.

3. Why does Montgomery need a Comprehensive Plan?

In general, planning represents good stewardship. Change – good or bad – happens whether you are ready or not. This is true for people and communities. A plan can enable a community to take advantage of emerging opportunities while also mitigating negative trends. Envision Montgomery 2040 will serve as a guide for long-term preservation, revitalization and growth so that the City can achieve the goals and aspirations of its citizens.

4. What is included in this type of plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is just that – comprehensive. Topics range from land use and transportation to economic development and parks. Each topic will include a thorough evaluation of the city’s current conditions and most important trends. The community will be asked for input through in-person and online engagement activities. Finally, recommendations will emerge in each topic that meld the technical analysis with the intuition of the people. Topics in Envision Montgomery 2040 Comprehensive Plan include: Land Use, Transportation, Housing and Community Development, Economic Development, Community Facilities and Infrastructure, Environment, Parks/Recreation and Open Space, Education and Cultural Arts, Community Character and Urban Design, Military, Public Health, and Historic Preservation.

5. How is it different from the Joint Land Use Study/Plan?

The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) was undertaken in 2017 as an effort to guide planning and development in the areas surrounding Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex to help mitigate any future issues and enhance coordination among all entities involved in the process. Conclusions and recommendations from this study will integrate with the Comprehensive Plan, but the Envision Montgomery 2040 process includes analysis of the full city. A military-focused chapter in the Comprehensive Plan will address the base and the JLUS plan integration.

6. How will this affect me?

As residents and/or business owners in the City, you stand to gain from a well-executed Comprehensive Plan. This is especially true if you become active in the process and share your thoughts and ideas. The City is committed to an open process where anyone who cares about the future of Montgomery has a chance to contribute. Ultimately, the Comprehensive Plan is intended to deliver greater prosperity and quality of life to all segments of the community. By getting involved you can help shape the vision and policies that make this happen.

7. Who will lead the planning process?

The process is being led by a 40-member Steering Committee made up of individuals from across Montgomery. This group was convened with the intention of representing the diverse interests in the City. They will meet regularly throughout the process to plan outreach activities, discuss technical analysis, and set the general direction for the Plan. The process will be overseen by the City of Montgomery’s Department of Planning in collaboration with a consulting team led by Planning NEXT of Columbus, Ohio. The team includes local and national partners with years of experience in crafting plans for communities like Montgomery.

8. How can I get involved?

There will be many opportunities to contribute your ideas to the Envision Montgomery 2040 process. Whether at a large, in-person workshop, a small meeting-in-a-box, or through the website (, everyone is invited to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Meetings will be announced well in advance through traditional media, social media, and the website.

9. What will happen at these public meetings?

Envision Montgomery 2040 meetings will be informative, interactive, and fun. The Planning Team will share some background about the process and relevant key findings, but majority of the sessions will be spent in small group discussions. Trained facilitators will help participants share their ideas and concerns directly with the Planning Team. Through mapping projects, guided discussions, and other activities, the Team hopes to gather thousands of comments throughout the process.

10. Do I have to be an expert to contribute ideas?

Absolutely not! By living, working, or raising a family in Montgomery, you know so much about this community. Your intuition is vital to the plan’s success. Whether you’re just moving to the community or a fourth-generation life-long resident, your perspective is important.

11. How will my input be used?

When you contribute an idea to the Envision Montgomery 2040, you are contributing directly to the Comprehensive Plan. Depending on when you get involved, your ideas could serve as the foundation for the community’s vision statement, contribute to one of the plan’s goals, inspire a specific action (like a new project, policy, or program), or set the course for implementation. Each comment will be recorded, databased, categorized, and analyzed by the Planning Team. This process will be documented in summary memos after each engagement round.

12. What is the timeline for completing the Plan?

The process will last just over one year, with the initial Steering Committee meeting being held in late February 2018.

13. Where can I learn more?

The website includes more information about the process and how you can get involved. Share your email in the “Contact us” section and we’ll keep you updated on upcoming meetings and major announcements.