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Downtown Montgomery has experienced significant growth and investment over the past decade and the Downtown Action Plan identifies strategies to further elevate the district. 

About the Effort

As a priority from Envision Montgomery 2040, the action plan was a critical first step toward realizing the community’s vision. Downtown is the “heart” of the community and this is a unique moment to identify specific recommendations for taking the district to the next level. The 2007 Downtown Master Plan led to the district’s success and it was time to identify strategies that continue that success with future investments. Learn about how this effort will further enhance downtown by viewing the final plan below.

View the Final Plan!

Thank you to everyone who shared their comments on the draft Downtown Action Plan. These thoughts and other insights have been incorporated and the final plan is ready for review! Downtown has had many accomplishments since the 2007 plan and this provides the roadmap for continued success in the district. Stay tuned for future updates and the next steps that will begin showing change throughout downtown.

The Downtown Action Plan began in January 2022 and was completed in August 2022. Several opportunities for public input and feedback were included at key stages in the process. The graphic below depicts the timeline for the action plan.

  • What is the Downtown Action Plan? The action plan is an opportunity to build on achievements made in Downtown Montgomery by defining the next strategy for growth and investments. The 2007 Downtown Montgomery Master Plan has provided the foundation for the district over the past decade and this action plan will enable the community to continue this vision forward through strategic projects, policies, and programs. Downtown 2.0 will provide the roadmap for success over the coming months and years. This is a unique moment to celebrate how far we’ve come and focus on the strategy to enhance Downtown Montgomery.
  • What is an action plan? The action plan is a collection of strategic projects, policies, and programs to take Downtown Montgomery to the next level. The plan will leverage previous development growth, public / private investments, and planning efforts to strengthen opportunities in the district. Strategies for implementation will define a roadmap for the downtown that markets key assets and identifies essential investments for the next 10 years.
  • How is this different from Envision Montgomery 2040? In 2018, the City of Montgomery launched a planning process to develop a new comprehensive plan, known as Envision Montgomery 2040. This is a long-term guide for the future development of the City, providing recommendations on a broad set of topics including community design, connectivity, open space and recreation areas, cultural and historical resources, infrastructure, and economic development. The Downtown Action Plan is a key recommendation from the comprehensive plan to establish the next iteration of success in the district. This is not a typical planning process, focusing on the strategies for promoting and implementing specific actions in Downtown Montgomery. The action plan will help achieve the vision and goals of Envision Montgomery 2040 by investing in the “heart” of the community.

The City’s previous master plan was adopted in 2007. Over the last decade, this served as the guide for many of the investments and accomplishments in the district. A link to the current plan is provided on the right.

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