Investing in our Connections


The Connections chapter of the Montgomery Comprehensive plan includes the findings and recommendations pertaining to mobility. This chapter describes the ease of movement for people and goods throughout the planning area. This plan includes an evaluation of the current transportation system as well the various modes of travel. The goal, stated right, is supported by a series of objectives.


A smart and efficient mobility network that is based around multiple modes of transportation, supports strong inter-city and regional connections, and provides equitable access to opportunities.


  • Expand the focus of transportation planning
  • Improve community connectivity to jobs
  • Prioritize small-scale transportation investments
  • Promote and implement street design guidelines
  • Support the integration and expansion of the regional passenger rail system

Key Findings


Click the image on the right for a full description of the key findings included in the plan document.  Keep reading below to see the priority actions and a full list of the programs, policies, and projects included in the action agenda.

Priority Actions

C 1.1 Emphasize safe and efficient bicycle and pedestrian design

A more bikeable and walkable community helps the economy, makes people healthier, and better access to opportunity. However, most people need to feel safe on the road before they will take to the street on bike or on foot. The City should emphasize safe bicycle and pedestrian design in future roadway projects, including protected bicycle facilities, more sidewalks, and improved crosswalks.

C 2.3 Promote the implementation of planned trails, sidewalks, and streetscaping through future development

A simple way to expand the city’s active transportation network is to lean on future development. Developers should install sidewalks, multiuse paths, bike lanes, and improved streetscaping.

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