Have your say!

Even if you were you unable to attend the Community Summit, you can still offer your ideas and input to Envision Montgomery 2040. The forms below mimic the activity conducted during the in-person meeting. Please take a moment to respond to the prompts and fill out a brief exit questionnaire.

Community Summit Survey

The Community Summit, hosted on October 25th in the Acadome, attracted close to 500 participants. During the meeting, attendees were able to offer their reactions and ideas to a series of critical question prompts. This feedback will help the Planning Team develop initial recommendations and establish priorities. Most important, the input will help the Steering Committee develop an over-arching vision statement to lead the community forward.

This survey will allow you to offer the same input received through the in-person Community Summit. Please fill out as much or as little of the survey as you like, but ensure you complete the exit questionnaire as it helps the Planning Team know who they are reaching with the process. The Team will use this information to begin to structure the plan recommendations and establish priorities. For questions with the survey, or to set up an in-person “Meeting-in-a-box”, please contact Kyle May from the Planning Team at kyle@planning-next.com.

Review the Summit Presentation

In addition to community conversations, the summit also included a brief presentation from the Planning Team. As an “ice breaker” participants worked as a team to answer trivia questions during the “So, you think you know Montgomery?” team game. Read through the questions and see how many you can get right. The winning team in October scored 8 out of 10!

Community Summit Themes and Direction

The Future in a Word

If we're successful, how will we describe Montgomery in 2040? Share your thoughts in the space below.

Opportunities, Indicators of Success and Potential Challenges

During the Community Summit table groups had a discussion centered around three question prompts. Provide your reactions to the prompts in the spaces below.