This is BIG! On October 25th the Envision Montgomery 2040 process will host its premier public event. Now is the time to come together, envision the future, and unite behind a common vision for Montgomery and its people. Make plans to attend the Summit. Find out more and register below.

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On October 25th, the Envision Montgomery 2040 Steering Committee will host its first public meeting in the Acadome on the campus of Alabama State University. The event will feature community speakers and a presentation from the Planning Team, but focus on discussion and engagement. Participants will contribute directly to the Comprehensive Planning process by offering their insights and priorities into key community issues related to mobility, housing, education and land development. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the policy and overall vision that will guide Montgomery for decades to come. If you care about the future of Montgomery, make plans to attend the Summit and rally your friends, neighbors, and family to do the same.

Why attend the Summit? Because this is about you!

The Summit presents a special opportunity for you, the citizens of Montgomery, to become directly involved in the comprehensive planning process that will develop a holistic plan to lead the community forward. The process is led by a 48-member Steering Committee representing a wide variety of community interests. They have committed to a community-driven process where you will inspire, shape and, ultimately affirm the final plan. The Summit is the first opportunity for you to interact with the Planning Team and share your priorities for the plan. Make plans to attend and consider inviting your network as well.

What will happen at the Community Summit? The Summit will be informative, interactive, and fun. The Planning Team will share some background about the process and relevant key findings, but the majority of the session will be spent in small group discussions. Trained facilitators will help participants share their ideas and concerns directly with the Planning Team. Through mapping projects, guided discussions, and other activities, the Team hopes to gather thousands of comments throughout the process.
Do I have to be an expert to contribute ideas? Absolutely not! By living, working, or raising a family in Montgomery, you know so much about this community. Your intuition is vital to the Plan’s success. Whether you’re just moving to the community or a fourth generation life-long resident, your perspective is important.
How will my input be used? When you contribute an idea to the Envision Montgomery 2040, you are contributing directly to the Comprehensive Plan. Depending on when you get involved, your ideas could serve as the foundation for the community’s vision statement, contribute to one of the Plan’s goals, inspire a specific action (like a new project, policy, or program), or set the course for implementation. Each comment will be recorded, databased, categorized, and analyzed by the Planning Team. This process will be documented in summary memos after each engagement round.

October 25, 6pm

The Dunn-Oliver Acadome Alabama State University, 915 S Jackson Street

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