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Envision Montgomery 2040

The comprehensive plan is the first of its kind in over half a century. Adopted in July 2020, it will propel Montgomery boldly into its next chapter. This plan was community-led and supported, defining a united vision for the City’s future. It is for the people of Montgomery, representing their hopes, values, and goals for a stronger and more vibrant city.

Guiding our city

In 2018, the City of Montgomery embarked on an ambitious process to develop its first comprehensive plan in more than 50 years. This process – Envision Montgomery 2040 – articulates a shared vision for the community to be realized through a variety of strategic recommendations. The new plan is built on the intuition of the community and strong technical research and analysis. This plan, like the original plan completed in 1963, will help guide decision-making in the city for years to come.

This plan includes 120 actions (specific projects, policies, and programs) organized around six essential community themes. These recommendations support the united vision for Montgomery and will be achieved through hard work from residents, business owners, elected officials, and stakeholders.

This process is open and inclusive to anyone who cares about the future of Montgomery. Hundreds of hours of discussion with the community and key stakeholders went into developing the final plan. By working together, the community can achieve its vision for a proud Montgomery.

Achieving our vision

Since its adoption, community partners have launched or completed several key projects identified in the comprehensive plan. These not only support the goals and vision of Envision Montgomery 2040 but have a lasting positive impact on the community.

You can learn more about these projects below.

Downtown Action Plan

The action plan is an opportunity to build on achievements made in Downtown Montgomery by defining the next strategy for growth and investment. This action plan will enable the community to continue the vision through strategic projects, policies, and programs. Downtown 2.0 will provide the roadmap for success and specific actions to implement over the next decade.

Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulation Rewrite

The last major update to the zoning ordinance was in 1985. These regulations are outdated and no longer reflect best practices of modern planning and zoning techniques. The purpose of the rewrite is to improve our ordinance and develop new regulations that reflect the policy direction set forth in Envision Montgomery 2040.

Southern Boulevard Action Plan

The Southern Boulevard Action Plan focuses on revitalizing and enhancing the intersection of I-65 and Southern Boulevard. This intersection is a major gateway into the city and has the potential to once again become a vibrant destination for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Commercial Property Inventory

The comprehensive plan revealed a need to understand the conditions of Montgomery’s many commercial corridors. This inventory will identify existing commercial assets and analyze market conditions for over 50 retail types. The inventory will further analyze pedestrian and drive times to understand where regional centers are located throughout Montgomery.

Downtown Wayfinding and Gateway Plan

Downtown contains a variety of destinations that offer unique experiences to residents, workers, and visitors. The wayfinding master plan will help identify these attractions and ensure that clear pathways, unique signage, and pleasant gateways are provided to welcome visitors to the district.

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