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Envision Montgomery 2040 is a community-driven process to develop a vision and new Comprehensive Plan for the City of Montgomery. This process has enabled the community to help shape a common vision and develop recommendations that will guide decision-making in Montgomery for years to come.

This a unique opportunity for you – the people who care so much about the future of this community – to contribute directly to the policies and projects that will help shape Montgomery for years to come. Join the Community Choices Open House on October 16 from 6 to 8 PM at City Hall and share your reactions to the draft Comprehensive Plan.

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November and December
(All Nine Council Districts)

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What are our the the greatest opportunities in Montgomery?

What are the greatest opportunities in Montgomery?

Envision Montgomery 2040 is a future-focused planning process. The Steering Committee, Planning Team, and community will be challenged to think critically about the type of community they want to see in Montgomery in 20 years. To maximize our potential, what do you see as our greatest opportunities in Montgomery today?

What plan topics are you most interested in?

The new Comprehensive Plan will address a myriad of topics from land use, to the environment, to integration with military planning. What plan topics are you especially interested in? You may be contacted later in the process and invited into special topic discussions.

Stay up-to-date with the planning process and receive period invitations to large and small community events.
This will help the Planning Team understand geographic representation among comments.

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