In 2018, the City of Montgomery embarked on an ambitious process to develop a new Comprehensive Plan. This process, called Envision Montgomery 2040, will enable the community to help shape the vision and make recommendations that will guide decision-making for years to come.


Planning demonstrates good stewardship. Change – good or bad – happens whether you are ready or not. This is true for people and communities. A plan can enable Montgomery to take advantage of emerging opportunities while also mitigating negative trends. Envision Montgomery 2040 will serve as a guide for long-term preservation, revitalization, and growth so that the City can achieve the goals and deliver an even more prosperous community for its citizens.

The Process

Envision Montgomery 2040 will take place throughout 2018 and include numerous opportunities for the community get involved.

Why should you participate?

It’s your community, you are the expert.

We need your ideas, input and feedback to ensure that the plans reflect community values and aspirations. Who knows the community better than someone who lives and or works here?

This is a unique opportunity.

For the first time the public and private entities in the community have come together to think about and plan for the future. This planning process will result in a community-wide vision and plan, Montgomery’s first new city-wide plan in 50 years.

This will affect you.

This plan will inform decisions in the city for years to come. It will impact where and how the community develops, how resources are used and guide investments that will impact the quality of life for you and future generations.

Who is involved?

Steering Committee

Process and substance leadership, ongoing advocacy

A committee of 50 leaders from around the community will lead the process forward. This group was intentionally selected to represent the wide range of interests and backgrounds present in Montgomery today. Over the course of the project, the Steering Committee will reach out the public to elicit ideas, gather support, and discover new leadership to guide plan implementation.

Outreach Team

Targeted input, networking and special perspectives

People are most likely to attend a community planning event when they are invited by someone they know, recognize or trust. The Outreach Team will identify the major networks and hard to reach groups in Montgomery. They’ll work hard to engage these groups directly and invite them into the process.

Planning Team

Facilitation and technical expertise

The community engagement and technical analysis for the Montgomery 2040 is being led by a Planning Team made up of consultants with decades of experience in similar processes across the country. Planning NEXT, of Columbus, Ohio, will lead this team and head up the community engagement activities and facilitation.

City Staff

Project management, process logistics, local knowledge

City of Montgomery staff will provide technical, outreach and logistical support throughout the planning process.


General input and feedback

As a community member, you have a special perspective and intuition about the challenges and opportunities in Montgomery. This is a critical input to the plan and will form the foundation for the vision, plan goals, and offer ideas for potential actions (projects, policies and programs). There will be several opportunities to get involved in Envision Montgomery 2040. Stay up to date and share your insights throughout the process.

Public Officials

Monitoring and adoption

A planning process that leads with engagement will hand elected officials a checklist of community-approved initiatives. This engenders a confidence to act on implementation and expectation by the community to see initiatives come to light.